WordPress has evolved significantly over the years from just a blogging platform to the most widely used Content Management System (CMS). Today, over 30% of the whole web is powered by WordPress. It has powered over 19,500,000 websites on the web. 

A Content Management System is a software program used to create and manage website content without having any coding knowledge. There are so many CMS in the market. It is very vital to choose the best CMS for your website. 

WordPress is an open-source platform based on MySQL and PHP. WordPress was launched in 2003 and eventually evolved as the most widely used CMS in the world. Here are the reasons why it has become so popular – 

Easy to Start and Manage 

What is the first thing you expect from the platform when developing a website? It should be user-friendly and easy to set up. It is the best thing about WordPress. There is no coding skill required as a lot of features are inbuilt already. WordPress has a lot of integrated plugins and themes which add great functionality to your website. There is a theme and plugin for any feature you need.  You can easily install and update a WordPress site with a few clicks. 

Add any service you like with ease

You may want to add some services like analytics, payment methods, and marketing tools to achieve a certain target with a website. This way, WordPress has great functionality. You can easily use it with another service. For example, you can easily add push notification as there are plugins available for every feature you want to add. You can also integrate SEO tools, contact forms, payment gateway, etc.  

100% Responsive 

Your website should be visible on all devices. Desktops are not the only way to access your website. Responsive designs help in improving user engagement. They can solve a lot of issues. WordPress is optimized well to work on any device or browser. Most of the WordPress themes are fully responsive. If you need a professional site for your business then the website design UK can be of great assistance for the task.


Organic SEO improves the visibility of a website. You may want to make a strong online presence in this day and age. An SEO-friendly website can help you improve online presence. This way, you should set up your SEO goals. Most WordPress themes have some SEO features by default. For example, you can use any SEO plugin to add Meta Data, Keywords, Meta description, Categories, Tags, Excerpts, etc.  

  • High-Quality themes – You can choose the high-quality SEO-friendly WordPress themes that have proper HTML markup to look appealing and professional. 
  • Meta Title, Description, and Keywords – These fields belong to technical SEO. You can set all these without writing HTML tags manually. 
  • HTML Markup – WordPress creates pages that search bots can easily scan. Modern themes are designed to bring improvements with the benefits of HTML5. 
  • Optimize images – You can also optimize images with descriptions, ALT tags, keywords, etc. on your posts. 
  • Permalink – You can also optimize your site by changing the permalink structure of the pages. You can set a different URL for blog posts by including keywords. 
  • SEO plugins – You can use SEO plugins to optimize the content of your site. 
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